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Pontian weddings

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The marriage of Pontians, 
The ‘ Joy ’ chapter!
The ceremony is filtered through the folk wisdom and is perceived as a special delight moment. 'Joy', as they use to call the weddings!
We can detect a lot of variations by regions. Pontians are well known for their authenticity and the fact that they maintain strictly with great fidelity their customs in theιr new homelands. They used to get married very young. The average age for the boys was 20-23 years old and for the girls even earlier! They still have close societies and are used to get married to each other. Of course, for the girl the father’s speech was inviolable.
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The groom combined with the best man, friends and musicians are going to the bride’s house where the family of the bride creates obstacles which the groomate has to pass through. The goal is the groomate to rich  the bride which is inside the house. The relatives exchange a crosstalk with traditional lyrics, the family of the bride offers sweets to the family of the groom and the groom man offers money to the bride’s relatives in order to pass through the barriers. The last obstacle is the bride’s father! The best man has to give him money in order to get the hidden bridal shoe. The unmarried girls have already written in the sole of the shoe their names. The custom says that after the dance, those names which have been wiped out will get married soon!
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The grooms receives the bride and all together are going to the church! During the mystery the bride wears the veil and according to the tradition she must be still as a sign of seriousness .An other characteristic custom is the pinchole of money in the bridal dress as a gift to the new family.For Pontians wedding is a crucial and holly chapter of their lives and so they pay too much attention to the rivals. Alcohol, traditional sweets, their famous cyclic dance and lyre create a festive atmosphere of joy. Korsara, is a well-known custom, is boiled hen which is offered as meze in a special tray, from the aunt’s bride to the best man.
Due to the hard core family structure those traditions are revived still today. Imagine this fiesta and the passion of the invited under the accompaniment of the lyre…Joy!
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