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Wedding day

Marriage is something far than the institution where by individuals are joined in.
It is a mutual lifelong commitment between two people !

Many countries have legends concerning the origins of the marriage
and its definition varies around the world between religions, cultures and throughout history.
wedding 0044The ceremony of the marriage is known as wedding and is
framed by huge variety of rituals and celebrations.
The wedding is a symbol of loyalty and faithful for long life during
which lovely moments will come but also cloudy days.
The core meaning is the bond between the couple.
                                               ''We are together in this and forever'' takes constant work.
The ceremony brings the whole family and friends together to wish and share the joy of the new beginning.
It is a magnificent moment for the couple and everything must be as they want to.
Let’s get inspired
by the fantastic variety around the world and travel between time and space.

Every wedding is unique and special!
                                                                 Let’s make this symbolic day unforgettable !

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